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What Awaits at Shelter's Booth in the 122nd Canton Fair?


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Updated: March 27, 2024
Published: August 28, 2023

The 122nd Canton Fair (China Export and Import Fair) is coming soon. Shelter will still participate in this fair (Phase one & Phase three) and wait for your visit. Here, we sincerely invite you to come and join us at Canton Fair. Looking forward to having further cooperation with you.

Please check the exhibition date and booth number on the left graph. Scan the QR Code to get the direction of Canton Fair Exhibition Hall.

If you have the business planning during Canton Fair, please feel free to make an appointment to us. We provide pick-up service from airport to exhibition hall or SHELTER factory.

Click to view the ongoing 134th Canton Fair

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The Canton Fair, officially known as the China Import and Export Fair, is a symbol of international trade's dynamic nature. With a legacy spanning over six decades, the fair has evolved into a global platform where industries converge, innovations surface, and partnerships are fostered. Every year, the fair witnesses a plethora of businesses showcasing a vast array of products and services, reflecting the global market's vibrancy.

Shelter's Canton Participation: A Legacy of Excellence

As a harbinger of quality and innovation, Shelter has etched a remarkable presence in previous editions of the Canton Fair. Our journey is a tapestry of continuous learning, collaboration, and success. The fair has been a fertile ground where some of our 4000 successful projects took root. Each year, we delve into extensive preparations to ensure our offerings mirror the current market needs, and our booth becomes a hub of engaging discussions and fruitful partnerships.

Your Invitation: Stepping Towards Collaborative Success

Our anticipation soars as we extend an invitation to you to join us in this grand narrative of global trade. The Canton Fair is more than an event; it's a congregation of visionary enterprises aimed at fostering a sustainable and inclusive global market. Your presence would not only symbolize a business engagement but a step towards a collaborative future. Together, we can explore new vistas of opportunities, delve into insightful discussions, and lay the foundation for enduring partnerships.

Exhibition Details: Your Path to Engaging Opportunities

Our booth is meticulously designed to foster engagement and showcase our innovative solutions. The exhibition dates and booth number are displayed on the left graph for your reference. To ensure a seamless experience, a QR code is provided for effortless navigation to the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. Every detail is orchestrated to ensure your visit is rewarding and insightful.

Schedule Your Visit: Let’s Shape the Future Together

We value every interaction and are keen on aligning our schedules to accommodate your visit. Our pick-up service from the airport to the exhibition hall or the Shelter factory is tailored to ensure convenience. We are at your disposal for any discussions, demonstrations, or collaborations you wish to explore during your visit.


Over the years, our booth has been a nexus of enriching interactions and successful collaborations. Here's what some of our esteemed partners have to say:

"In the car biz, how you showcase matters a ton. We've had our fair share of space issues and wonky layouts in the past. But teaming up with SHELTER? Game changer. The temporary setup they whipped up for us? Spacious, smartly laid out, and made our cars look like a million bucks. Their crew really got what we were aiming for, tailoring everything to make our rides shine. " - Marketing Head, Mercedes-Benz

"Organizing the Olympics? Massive undertaking. One of our biggest headaches? Getting a comfy, safe spot for the sea of fans, and doing it fast. Enter SHELTER. The structures they set up? Sturdy, unique, and totally in sync with the Olympic vibe. And the speed they got it done? Mind-blowing. Their efficiency and pro touch got rave reviews all around." - Event Boss, Beijing Olympic Games

"F1's all about speed and thrill. We needed a space that matched that energy, somewhere teams could gear up and fans could get a killer view. Past setups? Kinda shaky, layout-wise. But with SHELTER on board? Smooth sailing. Their structures were rock solid, smartly designed, and added to the race day buzz. Our teams could focus, and the fans? They had a blast." - Race Organizer, Formula 1

"Planning a royal wedding? Pressure's on to get everything picture-perfect. Our biggest challenge? Crafting a space that's grand but cozy, and doing it quick. SHELTER nailed it. They tuned into our vision, customizing every little detail. The result? A visual feast that had guests and media singing praises. Quality and attention to detail? Top-notch." - Royal Wedding Planner, British Royal Family

Conclusion: A Horizon of Potential Awaits

The Canton Fair is a beacon of global trade, and we are on the cusp of yet another promising edition. We earnestly look forward to welcoming you, sharing insights, and forging a path of collective success. Our essence is captured in every interaction, and your presence would indeed be a valuable addition to this narrative of global collaboration.

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