Here are some tips you need when selecting right tents for your event and decoration recommendations, and some experiences shared by event planners. Here we collected all information that you may need for a successful event. Welcome to share your experience and tips in the comment section.

How to Social Distancing during COVID-19

As the development of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19), the government still encourages staying at home, avoiding going out as much as possible, reducing social gatherings, and preventing viral infections. Reducing the ways people come in close contact with each other is essential.

Setting up Glamping Dome Business within 3 Months

Are you going to start the glamping business? Wonder the profit from the luxury camp? Now, you have found the guidance of how to start running a glamping camp by Shelter Dome kits. This checklist will share the step on it.
If you want to be a full-time glamping owner, or just an Airbnb provider for extra income, here you will find the step-by-step checklist on how to transform your land into a glamping site within 3 months.
Let’s get started!

Tent Field Hospitals Set Up Around the World to Combat Coronavirus

There is an increasing demand for medical facilities after the Coronavirus outbreak globally. Some cities started to use city buildings to serve patients, but they cannot meet needs. Consequently, governments and communities turn to the mobile field hospital as the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients.

How is Coronavirus Impacting Event Industry?

Are you experiencing event cancellations & postponements due the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? As this situation develops, we recognize that our industries are immediately affected. The World Health Organisation (WHO) also recently published a 9-page document that offers both general and corona-virus specific considerations for organisers hosting large events.

Coronavirus Field hospitals Are Setting Up In the US.

When a large-scale outbreak occurs, and the public hospitals are overwhelmed. Building a brick hospital will take time, so a rapidly deployed hospital will meet the demand. Clearspan tents without poles can make the most of a space to set beds and medical care equipment.

Shelter Emergency Response – We Get Your Cover

What governments and citizens should do is to take essential precautions to prevent it from spreading even wider. Shelter is gradually recovered from the epidemic. All processes from production, sales, and transportation have all returned to normal. Not only our design and sales teams are ready to offer robust clearspan tent solutions. Our production team is also fully committed, to ensure that the relief shelter tents are delivered to infected areas as soon as possible.

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Everything You Need to Consider If You’re Having Tented Wedding

Renting the wedding tent without understanding in the advance could make your days messed.
Whether your days will be hold in a backyard, beach or resort, pitching a wedding tent is the perfect option to shelter your guests under any weather situation. You know, the weather doesn’t exactly go your way sometimes.
So if a tented wedding venue with twinkling light and garlands sounds ideal to you, read what needs to be prepared before your wedding day coming.


Wedding Tent Decoration Colors 2019

2019 has come, some of the couple is planing their 2019 wedding. From pre-wedding party, ceremony, banquet, and even after-party. There are many things need to be prepared. The themed color of wedding venue will be the important part during wedding planning. Want to get some color idea for your big day in 2019? Check the following color which will pop up in this year.


The Trend of Dome Projection Event 2019

Since the costly building fee of brick projection theater, steel projection dome become more and more popular by its flexible size and cost-effective function. At the same time, you may consider the safety of the whole structure because of its metal construction. Today, we gonna to share the safety performance of steel projection dome structures.

Tent Purchase Guide – Choose The Right Clear Span Tent


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