Here are some tips you need when selecting right tents for your event and decoration recommendations, and some experiences shared by event planners. Here we collected all information that you may need for a successful event. Welcome to share your experience and tips in the comment section.


Prefab Structure in Hotel & Glamping Resorts

Building a glamping / Eco resort is not an easy job in the beginning. Shelter provides the environment-friendly building to help you build up the whole resort from the button. If you have already run a jungle resort by a permanent living house, you may want to expand the public application like children playground, swimming pool, banquet hall, large event center and more. Shelter will provide you bespoke prefab structure solution to meet your requirement. Let’s get started!

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Fabric Structure – First Option of Indoor Sports Hall

Compare with outdoor sports venue, indoor sports hall will be the better option for the athlete to enjoy the joy from sporting. Why? If you are running an indoor sports venue, you can receive the players in anytime and any weather. Building fabric structure to be the sports hall will improve the environment of sports experience including practice, match, hospitality, and lounge. Of course, that is only one part of the advantage of the fabric structure. Continue Reading…

How to Rent Your Wedding Tent? Pole Tent or Frame Tent? Price and Size?

I gonna to let you know some suggestion about choosing wedding tent for your big day as the clear span tent manufacturer. You can control the wedding theme, wedding location, wedding decoration and other plenty of conditions. But the weather you will not have any idea to control. So please don’t miss this most important situation in your wedding checklist. You may have backup plan for the rain condition. One of the most reliable solution is setting tent for outdoor wedding venue. How to choose the tent in easy and affordable manner? Keep reading, you will find out many things you need to know.

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Can Construction Tent Installed for Long-term Use?

Generally, construction tents usually used for the temporary wedding venue, festival celebration, hospitality hall, pop-up shop. At the same time, the prefabricated tent also used as a semi-permanent building like loading bay canopy in logistics, warehouse for industry, office, or base camp for military. So, how can the construction tent work for long-term application in the outdoor?

Temporary building for logistics warehousing industry

Temporary Building in Logistics Industry

With the rapid development of e-commerce and global business, more and more logistic enterprises are facing a large demand for logistics and warehousing. Expanding the storage space in a short time will help you to handle plenty of goods and other facilities. Shelter, the leading industrial tent manufacturer is determined to developing and designing different sizes prefabricated structures to meet all requirement from logistics industry.

Choose The Reliable Event Tent Manufacturer for Your Clients

How to Choose Reliable Event Tent Manufacturer for Your Clients?

Are you working in trade company as the event tent distributor? Your clients have an upcoming event will be held under clear span tent? How do you select which company will work best and fit your client willing? To help you make the decision clearer, we detailed 6 factors below to consider when choosing an event tent manufacturer. If you want to satisfy your clients, check it out!

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The Trends of Clearspan Rental Business

Clearspans Structures open a new version in tent design without any obstruction inside the tent. It offers an array of benefits for the tent rental business and clients. One of the biggest attractive points of clearspan tent is the whole open interior space for any facilities and participants. Choosing clearspan tent to be the main products seem to be an easy decision for a tent rental company. But before making the leap, the decision makers should consider other factors, including the market demand, tent vendor, installation training, and transportation.

how to choose the sidewall for temporary warehouse building - ABS solid wall

How to Choose The Sidewall for Temporary Warehouse Building

As the rasing of prefabricated structure manufacturing, more and more people choose the storage tent to be the temporary or semi-permanent warehouse building. Especially in Industrial using, they need to expand the equipment storage space for job-site, mining and military. Wide span size option, numerous roof type and easy in installation create the popularity of outdoor storage tent. At the same time, the sidewall option will be the important part of the warehouse structure.

How to Prevent the Event Tent from Strong Wind Damage

As the temporary or semi-permanent building, prefabricated tent structures suffer the strong wind or even typhoon randomly. How to reduce the damage during the terrible weather? Or any solution to protect the event tent from strong winds? Just read this article, hope you could find out something useful.

Quality Contrast Between Premium and Poor Aluminum Tent

Now, more and more manufacturing company is raising in tent industry. However, some factories are using the low-quality raw material for saving the cost. That is dangerous and unresponsible for the clients. How to identify the quality of event tents, please check this article and you will have some idea.

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