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Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.


  • Known for her innovative tent installation techniques that have significantly reduced setup times for large-scale events.
  • Led a high-profile project that transformed a historical site into a modern event venue without compromising its heritage value.
  • Developed a client relationship management program that improved customer satisfaction rates by 40%.
  • Collaborates frequently with leading event planners and designers to create unique and memorable event spaces.
  • Authored a widely used guidebook on efficient and aesthetic event space planning.

Specialist in Event Management and Spatial Design: kiko’s education combines event management with spatial design expertise, equipping her to create functional and visually appealing event spaces.

— Kiko


Event Installation Expert: With over 6 years of experience, kiko specializes in the installation and management of large tents for high-profile events. Her expertise ensures efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing tent setups. Client Relations and Project Coordination: Excelling in managing client expectations and coordinating large-scale projects, kiko ensures all aspects of tent installation meet the highest standards. Event Space Optimization Guru: Her innovative approach to optimizing event spaces has been instrumental in transforming numerous events into memorable experiences.

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Luxury camping for weddings: choosing the perfect wedding glamping tent

Modern weddings are evolving, becoming more personalized and unique. Couples today seek to create unforgettable experiences on their special day, moving away from traditional indoor venues and embracing the beauty of the outdoors. This shift has given rise to the use of wedding glamping tents, catering to the desire for natural settings and the romance of the great outdoors. These wedding glamping tents play a pivotal role in modern weddings, offering the opportunity to craft a truly distinctive atmosphere. They bring a unique and elegant charm to wedding venues, offering flexibility and individuality in choices, whether it's a beachfront celebration or a mountaintop ceremony. The diversity of wedding glamping tents transforms every wedding into a one-of-a-kind experience. These tents have transcended their role as mere shelter and protection; they have become prominent decorative elements, breaking free from the confines of traditional weddings to create scenes filled with romance and surprise. This innovative use of wedding glamping tents embodies people's pursuit of creativity and individuality, infusing more glamour and warmth into their special day.
Discover the allure of geodesic dome tents in glamping, blending luxurious comfort with nature's raw beauty for an unparalleled outdoor experience.
Discover how tent structures are transforming ecotourism and cultural tourism, offering sustainable, innovative travel experiences for modern travelers.
Shelter's 20x30m event tent in Mexico creates opulent environments for 400 guests, embodying versatility and crafting memorable moments in the vibrant cultural tapestry.
Taiwan's FamilyMart revolutionized retail with a 12x15m event tent—a blend of transparency and security. Adaptive, immersive, and impactful, it crafted a lasting community legacy, redefining retail dynamics.
Looking for the best wedding tent supplier? Consider Shelter Structures, a trusted brand offering a variety of tents including big and durable options. With experience in supplying army tents, warehouse buildings, temporary structures, and airplane hangars, they have the expertise to meet your needs. Check out their blog for more information.
In the heart of Spain, a revered furniture company envisioned a distinctive showroom. Transcending norms, our Glass Enigma, a 30-meter glass dome, blends luxury and allure. A ballet of glass and steel, it redefines elegance and introduces the concept of a dome house. With an all-black ensemble, it's not just a structure; it's a timeless narrative—a legacy etched in Spanish terrains.
In dynamic Johannesburg, our 10x30 and 12x30 event tents, a decade in the making, showcase excellence. As a premier tent rental and supplier, our aluminum-framed structures promise innovative event solutions.
Shelter Structures showcased fabric structures at JIEXPO Jakarta 2023 during the IndoBuildTech exhibition, emphasizing quality, versatility, and innovation. The event facilitated networking and highlighted Shelter Structures' global leadership in fabric structures for events, sports, and industrial applications.
Fabric structures blend aesthetics and functionality. Coated fabrics, such as PVC and PVDF, offer durability. Notable brands like Seaman Corporation and Birdair provide diverse options for architectural projects.
In this blog post, we explore the design and construction of semi-permanent tents. We discuss the importance of durability and provide tips on how to create a sturdy structure. Whether you need a big tent, an army tent, or a temporary building, our guide will help you create a reliable and long-lasting shelter. Discover how to design and construct a semi-permanent tent with Shelter Structures, your go-to brand for warehouse buildings and event tents.
The mission was clear: to fashion a sanctuary for a revered local religious organization. A space spanning 300 square meters that would not just be an event ground but a sacred haven.

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