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The Atrium Large Outdoor Event Tent Is the Perfect Choice for Special Occasions

our professionally designed tent structures tailored for corporate Event and commercial Space

Shelter's Atrium Event Tent

Are you troubled by construction costs and project duration? Or are you concerned about the low utilization rate of building space? Or perhaps you are looking for a product adaptable to various situations? The Atrium event tent might be the right choice for you. Let's discuss more about the Atrium event tent house

Explore Variety of Atrium Event Tents Series


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Atrium L20 Large Tent


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Atrium L30 Outdoor Tent

A Nuanced Exploration of Atrium Tents

Market Demand

Harnessing the swift prowess of rapid setup and disassembly, Atrium Event Tents seamlessly fulfill the ephemeral venue needs of diverse events, from the pulsating beats of outdoor music festivals to the grandeur of sports events, trade shows, and the intimate tapestry of weddings and celebrations. Yet, as the market evolves, so do the expectations, catalyzing a perpetual metamorphosis in these tented wonders.

Structural Elevation

The structures of Atrium Event Tents have transcended mere functionality, embracing a kaleidoscope of styles, sizes, and shapes to cater to the idiosyncratic demands of distinct events. A continuous refinement journey in materials and design has given birth to structures that not only exude aesthetic opulence but also stand as bastions of sturdiness, durability, and an unwavering commitment to environmental reverence.

Brand Symphony in the Tent Market

No longer confined to the realm of functional necessity, Atrium Event Tents have metamorphosed into a spirited battleground for myriad brands. The differentiation anthem is composed of avant-garde designs and interior styles, resonating with the pulse of a market that craves innovation and individuality.


Governments and professional organizations advocate for eco-friendly Atrium Event Tents, encouraging companies to renovate and update event venues. Issues related to operational standards and regulations have been raised.

The Future of Technological Innovation

Driven by both market demand and technological innovation, Atrium Event Tents, including those transparent party tents, show a promising future. These tents have become an ideal venue solution when faced with constraints such as budget constraints and lack of space. As time goes by, the trend of branding and standardization in the Atrium Event Tents industry will become more obvious. Therefore, companies should focus on brand building and market development, while constantly innovating technology, improving production quality, and providing more professional and personalized services.

Material Quality
Quality Control
Delivery &

Why Design Atrium Event Tents?

To meet the ongoing demand for technological innovation and improved production quality, using Atrium Event Tents in wedding and event scenarios provides a unique experience, offering customers unforgettable event solutions.

Inspiration for Atrium Event Tents Design

The atrium, a common feature in ancient Roman residences, developed into a popular modern structure in the late 19th and 20th centuries. With a glass roof or large windows, it brings a sense of "space and light" to buildings, providing designers with dynamic and stimulating interior/exterior design ideas. The atrium can shield the external environment while maintaining visual connections with it. Designers seize the opportunity to create new types of spaces in buildings, and the atrium is recognized as an esteemed facility that enhances commercial value and attractiveness.

Selt's involvement in Atrium Event Tents design began in 2019, addressing the design requirements through numerous trials and modifications. The design process involved optimizing and improving materials, manufacturing processes, connection methods, and continuous testing of samples to validate feasibility and upgrade the product through meticulous refinement over a year and a half. In 2020, Selt introduced its first Atrium Event Tents, receiving positive feedback in the event tent market, marking the beginning of a new era for Atrium Event Tents.

Design Alchemy and Aesthetic Opulence

Imbued with an artistic soul, Atrium Tents transcend the ordinary, showcasing an elegant, refined, and artistically inspired appearance. The design narrative unfolds with an emphasis on innovative structural nuances, providing customers with a palette to paint their events with a brush of distinctive visual allure.

Orchestration of Decor and Illumination

Mastering the symphony of venue aesthetics, Atrium Tents excel in elevating venue allure through meticulous decoration and lighting design. The careful selection of theme-appropriate embellishments, be it the poetry of flowers, the warmth of candles, or the dance of ribbons, orchestrates a romantic or celebratory crescendo. Lighting design becomes a choreography, experimenting with color temperatures and effects to imbue the venue with depth and warmth.

Interior Sonata and Unrivaled Comfort

The interior narrative of Atrium Event Tents is a sonata influencing the customer experience. Precision in arranging tables, chairs, stages, and sound equipment ensures a ballet of efficient space utilization. Additional amenities, ranging from luxurious seating to climate control, contribute to an unparalleled symphony of customer comfort and satisfaction.

Differences Between Atrium Tents and Traditional Event Tents

While traditional event tents have broad applications, their common structural and process characteristics contribute to increased market competition. With changing market demands, customers seek innovative, unique, and practical event tents. The introduction of new products offers more choices, allowing businesses to stand out in the market and provide competitive products and services.

Performance Effect Comparison
Characterization Traditional Event Tent Atrium Tent
Frame A-Frame, Polygon, High Peak Enclosed Double-Slope Roof
Frame color Aluminum Alloy Natural Color Customizable Colors
ManufactureProcesses Profile Extrusion + Galvanization + Oxidation Profile Extrusion + Galvanized + Oxidized + Powder Coated
Surface Thickness Generally 30-60um 60-140um
Corrosion Resistance General Double Corrosion Resistance
Surface Roughness Surface Defective Smooth And Glossy
Appearance Style Conventional Framework Combination Of Frame And Atrium Style
Distribution Wall Universal Wall Universal Wall And Atrium Structure Compatible
Clear Span 3-60m 9-30m
Firmness General Reinforce
Processing Time General Twice The Regular Processing Time
Application General Event Space Specific High-Level Scenarios Such As Weddings, Parties, And Holiday Celebrations
Impact On Branding General Strengthen

Why Establish a Serialized Product Line for Atrium Event Tents?


To meet diverse customer needs, expand product applications, and enhance market adaptability, serial production allows the development of Atrium Tents products in various sizes, shapes, and functionalities. Multiple series provide flexibility to meet different spatial and personalized requirements.

Unified Quality and Quality Control

To ensure consistency in design, process, and quality, establishing standardized designs for Atrium Tents series helps build brand image and enhances customer satisfaction and trust. Standardizing the design of Atrium Tents series is necessary.

Market Competition and Brand Development

In the fiercely competitive event tent industry, serial production enhances the competitiveness of Atrium Tents in the market. It deepens brand influence, increases recognition, and elevates the reputation and status of products in the industry.

How to Establish Serialized Standards for Atrium Event Tents?

Frame Structure Configuration

Considering existing market applications, standardize the colors of frame powder coatings to coordinate with the environment, architectural styles, and personal preferences. This offers customers more choices and creativity while supporting color customization services.

Atrium Styles: Blend modern elements for simple, abstract designs, meeting various user needs in our diverse Atrium Event Tents range.

Iorn skiny art
Iron art
Atrium Frame
Structur Characteristics Categorization
Power Coated Color Black/Gray/Green
Ornaments Jeweled Lattice-Style Bubble-Style
Material Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
Components Powder Coated, Higher Grade Corrosion-Resistant Structure

Tent Cover and Wall Selection

Establishing rules for the roof cover:
Roof design typically uses transparent or semi-transparent materials to optimize light utilization. Adequate drainage systems are essential to ensure the smooth removal of rainwater and snow, preventing leakage and water accumulation.

Consider the transparency of the facade cover and the perspective it provides. Depending on the environment and application scenarios, choose suitable facade materials such as glass or transparent polycarbonate panels to offer sufficient scenic views.ent user preferences and usage requirements, producing diverse Atrium Event Tents products.

In addition to these rules and design principles, factors such as regional climate conditions, tent usage, and stylistic direction should be considered to maximize the tent's ability to meet users' needs and provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Cover and Wall Selection
Optional 1 Optional 2 Optional 3
Roof Cover 950g/sqm Clear PVC With Black Trim 850g/sqm White PVC With white Trim Custom Color
Side Wall 950g/sqm Clear PVC With Black Trim Horizontal Glass Vertical Glass
Gable Elevation 950g/sqm Clear PVC With Black Trim Horizontal Glass Vertical Glass

Structural Size Division

Choosing appropriate span ranges must consider factors such as site size, installation requirements, and budget constraints. Smaller span Atrium Event Tents are easier to install and adapt to different sites, while larger spans require more significant space and additional structural support. When Atrium Event Tents are used for weddings and high-end gatherings, offering spans in the range of 9-30 meters accommodates different event scales and requirements. This provides more flexibility and personalized customization options to meet diverse customer needs.

Atruim event tent effect drawing
Atruim event large tent
15080X6973 Atruim event tent
20180X8363 Atruim event tent structures
Atruim event tent structures

For Atrium Event Tents applied to mountain walls, symmetry design enhances the overall aesthetics and stability of the tent. Dividing the tent into left and right symmetric structures presents a balanced and harmonious visual effect on the mountain wall. This design creates a sense of balance and harmony, integrating the tent with the mountain wall.

Atrium Frame
Atrium Type Main Profile Gable Span Side Height Roof Pitch Over Hanger Bay Distance Max. wind load
Gable 9m 120*200*4mm 3m+3m+3m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph
Gable 12m 120*200*4mm 3m+6m+3m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph
Gable 15m 120*200*4mm 3m+9m+3m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph
Gable 20m 120*200*4mm 120*250*4mm 5m+10m+5m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph
Gable 25m 120*250*4mm 120*300*5mm 5m+15m+5m 7.5m+10m+7.5m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph
Gable 30m 120*250*4mm 120*300*5mm 5m+20m+5m 7.5m+15m+7.5m 3m/4m 18° 500mm 5m 80mph

Of course, for the serialization of Atrium Tents, coordination with mountain walls is also considered in the design. This ensures harmony and unity between the tent and the mountain wall. It involves selecting frame powder coating colors, Atrium, and decorative patterns that coordinate with the colors, textures, and styles of the mountain wall. Additionally, attention is paid to ensuring the tent dimensions align with the mountain wall dimensions to avoid visual discrepancies.

Space Usage Design

In tents divided by mountain wall spans, thoughtful planning of space usage caters to diverse functional needs. Dividing the tent into areas like entrance reception, indoor activity space, or outdoor courtyard maximizes space utilization. Adaptable outdoor seating, stages, dining areas, and resting zones provide a comfortable and convenient user experience.

Atruim event tent at Wedding

Prospects for the Future of Atrium Event Tents in the Outdoor Wedding Shelter Market

The future outlook for Atrium Event Tents in wedding and event scenarios is characterized by diversity, promising novel experiences across a spectrum of events. As these tents continue to evolve, they are poised to optimize in the following aspects:

Higher Quality and

Addressing user concerns, future iterations may leverage higher-quality materials and accessories, enhancing stability, wind resistance, and overall safety. Efficient manufacturing and installation techniques will further elevate production efficiency and product quality.

More Appearance and Functional Options

To meet market demands for innovation, uniqueness, and practicality, future Atrium Tents will offer more personalized and customized products, attracting a high-end customer base.

Environmental Friendliness and Energy Efficiency

Aligned with sustainability principles, future Atrium Tents may embrace environmentally friendly materials and technologies, reducing their environmental impact. Incorporating biodegradable or recyclable materials and exploring alternative energy sources like solar energy align with resource conservation and sustainable development.

Atruim wedding tent

The Bottom Line

In summary, the evolution of Atrium Event Tents is poised for continuous development, marked by enhanced application scenarios, heightened quality and safety standards, personalized design options, and an unwavering commitment to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. These tents are set to remain at the forefront of innovative architectural structures, shaping the landscape of memorable events for years to come.

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