Military Tent & Army Tent

The definition of army tents is the shelter tents specially designed for military use, providing temporary accommodation, protection, and sometimes workspace for soldiers during military operations, training, and on-field activities.

Shelter Structures army tents focus on the temporary use of these tents, in various size, designs, materials, tailored to meet the needs of each military.

Background Of Army Tent

Army tents have played a crucial role in providing accommodation for soldiers, due to their lightweight, versatility and the easily camouflaged colors, normally serving as their temporary homes during military campaigns and operations. The development history of army tents reflects the evolution of, especially military logistics and the changing needs of the modern battlefield.

Army tents were originated from the concept of portable shelters, used solely for soldiers. Back to the ancient times, the materials of army tents were not as modern as now, which were for example woven fabrics and wood etc. The purpose of early army tents were mainly used for basic protection against harsh weather. Comparing to nowadays, technology and military strategies evolved, armies care more about their versatility, flexibility and durability, for example, portable accommodation became evident. At Shelter Structures, our army tent solution is mainly designed for soldiers’ accommodation purpose, with the main materials of aluminum alloy and PVC canvas, integrating of modular structures, our solution achieves the most important feature of PORTABILITY.

High-Quality Army Tents for Military and Field Operations

Features & Advantages Of Shelter Structures Army Tent


Premium aluminum alloy frame (6061-T6) is utilized, integrated with tarpaulin cover of PVC (710 GSM). According to specific wind load and snow load, different profiles are used for the durability of the army tents. Under standard circumstances, 94x48mm alu profiles are applied to our structures which are more than sufficient to withstand the harsh conditions.


Due to the lightweight materials, as well as our structures are prefabricated into modular, erection and disassembly are faster than other structures, which makes them ideal for military rapid response tasks and for other military operations that need frequent relocation.

Weather Resistance

Our army tents are fully enclosed, as the main purpose is for soldiers living and military operation. On the side wall, our fabric panel is designed as zipping; while on the roof, our fabric panel is inserted into the slot for better water-resistance, and additional fabric gap covers can be implemented once needed. This design ensures the safety and comfort against the element.


Our army tents are modular and prefabricated, the main advantage is allowing for the creation of larger structures by combining multiple units. In another word, our army tents can have the flexibility to scale up or down into bigger or smaller units to meet the specific needs of military operation.


Army tents need to be made of camouflaged colors to help blend in the surrounding environment. At Shelter Structures, we provide various exterior color options, most the cases are military green and camouflage.


Single person accommodating army tents are simple in functions. However, for some special cases, when a small commanding center or a military meeting space is in need, our army tent solution can provide various versatility.

Benefits of Army tent

Under Shelter Structures Army Tent collection, various types are included which have different structural designs and aiming for different purposes.

Small Span For Better Portability

Shelter Structures has several series under Army tent which are typically designed for fast response, possessing highly portability, fast erection and easy for relocation. During the time of military campaigns or battle fields operations, soldiers need to be fast responded for emergency, packed and go.

High-Quality Army Tents for Military and Field Operations
High-Quality Army Tents for Military and Field Operations

Full Customization

The collections in our Army tent have the standard span of 6m/ 8m. However, for the purpose of individual operation, span can be tailored for smaller size, 3-meter span is also possible. Under standard circumstances, the span indicates “one bay” or “one unit” which can be incrementally increased. They are constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles as the framework. The eave height (side height) is standard 3 meters and it can be customized, and the length can be customized as well. Different profiles can be selected according to different working conditions to meet requirements. The cover/ roof is made of PVC tarpaulin, and the surrounding walls can be made of PVC tarpaulin or modular insulated wall panels. The extended porch at the entrance can be connected to other units as needed, forming a windproof and rainproof corridor.

Applications Of Shelter Structures Army Tents

Temporary Soldier Accommodation Room

Temporary Soldier Accommodation Room

  • Army tents are in small span which can be of 3m/ 6m/ 8m, it's perfect for soldier accommodation purpose. Flexibility makes our army tents adaptive to different terrain, grass, mud, concrete floor etc.
Mobile Command Posts

Mobile Command Posts

  • Our army tents can serve as mobile command posts, allowing for efficient coordination and strategic planning, especially in rapidly changing or dynamic operational environments.
Field Hospitals

Field Hospitals

  • Shelter Structures MT tents are often used as compact field hospitals, providing immediate medical aid and emergency care for injured soldiers, ensuring that medical support is readily available at the front lines.
Supply Depots

Supply Depots

  • One of the functions of our army tents lies in storage. The weather-resistant feature makes our army tents as the storage space, enclosed for better protection for military supplies.

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