Military Hangars & Storage

Military hangars and storage facilities are specialized structures which designed to store the various military assets, and have the feature of medium to big military shelter buildings. They store the assets which can include aircraft, vehicles, equipment, and supplies. Shelter Structures Military Hangars & Storage, considering the full aspects of military aircraft/ other vehicles and equipment parking and maintenance, provides unique solution for your need.


With the development of the aviation and military technology, back to the early 20th century, the requirements to military hangars and storage facilities had been rapid increased. Initially, these structures were simple, open-air spaces to house and maintain aircraft. Over time, it changed. Especially at Shelter Structures, to comply with the rapid revolution, our military hangars and storage solution not only have the robust features against the elements, but also offers versatility, adaptability for temporary and permanent usage.


Robust Material For Longevity

Using high-strength aluminum alloy as the main frame materials, integrating with premium fabric covers, our structures overall achieve lightweight, stability against harsh weather conditions and 15-20 years service life.

Intelligent Design

Thanks to prefab modular elements of our structures, Shelter Structures military hangars are extremely convenient for assembly and dis-assembly, which leads to onsite construction time saving and make relocation easier.

Better Security And Conceal

Our military hangars and storage solution is versatile and providing better security and conceal. With amenities like camouflage for cladding, hardware walling, anti-radar system and more, we provide the comprehensive military solution for you.

Asset Protection

Shelter Structures military hangars and storage solution provides a secure environment, protecting military assets from adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and potential threats, thereby extending the lifespan and operational readiness of critical equipment and supplies.

Operational Efficiency

Our structures are more than just military storage; they come equipped with advanced amenities to support maintenance, repair, and operational activities for military aircraft and equipment. This ensures easy access and well-maintenance, promoting swift deployment and operational readiness of military assets.


Shelter Structures saves you costs in structure, maintenance, and labor. Our cost-effective solution with years of guarantee on our structures and fabric makes maintenance more efficient. Feature of rapid installation also reduces labor expenses.


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