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The army tent, a staple in military housing and army barracks, pursues practicality. Originally designed for military purposes, it has become widely used in various sectors, including as military surplus tents and for military storage, due to its very reliable quality.

Common Product Types On Army Barracks

Army Tent

Army Tent

  • An army tent is an emergency shelter used by the military, such as a tent on the battlefield, in emergency situations such as rescue and disaster relief. They are waterproof, fireproof, durable and portable. The army tent is required to have good waterproof performance and durability. In addition, the army tent standard also requires that the tent structure should have good wind resistance.
Airplane Hangar

Airplane Hangar

  • Compared with ordinary tents, the hangar pays more attention to durability and safety. The tarpaulin adopts high-strength PVC-coated insulating fabric outer layer, which has excellent waterproof/anti-ultraviolet/fire-retardant properties and can well protect the hangar. equipment and personnel within. The helicopter hangar bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
Military Barracks

Military Barracks

  • The army tent, which can be set up and folded quickly, is one of the necessary equipment in field situations. It is an indispensable standard for many fields such as officer and soldier camping, command and staff, field medical care, and supply storage. Military tents Houses are often used for military base accommodation, temporary warehouses, and disaster relief.

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The Application of Army Barracks Venues

Emergency Use

Emergency Use

Rapid erection is the primary task of medical emergency tents. In addition to providing temporary isolation tents, temporary medical wards, and emergency shelters, they can also be used as multi-functional tents for storage of medical equipment and supplies, emergency food storage, and vaccination sites. The characteristics of this type of prefabricated mobile medical emergency tent are that it is easy to disassemble and install, is environmentally friendly and does not damage the site, can accommodate power equipment and medical equipment, can adapt to a variety of extreme climates, and has fast conversion functions. This is a new modular structure The prefabricated tent can be expanded to the required size in 5-meter increments. In practical applications, emergency rescue tents not only play a huge role in medical emergencies, but also play a significant role in the rescue and treatment of personnel in poor countries or harsh climate areas. It can effectively block infectious diseases and prevent environmental diseases and viruses.

Disaster Recovery

There are many things in life that we cannot predict in advance, such as sudden natural disasters, with unimaginable consequences. When disaster strikes, temporary relief and evacuation centers are vital. Providing a range of disaster relief tent solutions that can quickly set up large disaster relief emergency setups after disasters and crises. Disaster relief tents provide a safe, functional environment during adverse weather conditions. The disaster relief tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and has a classic A-shaped frame design. The width of the disaster relief tent can be selected from 3 meters to 60 meters, and the length can be infinitely extended to meet different size requirements. Different from the canvas of traditional tents, the tarpaulin of disaster relief tents is made of multi-layer PVC industrial-grade fabric, which is UV-resistant, flame-retardant, and tear-resistant. The internal space of the disaster relief tent is flexible and there is no obstruction by brackets. It can be equipped with various components to meet any needs, such as flooring, lighting, tables and chairs, medical rescue equipment, etc.

Military Housing

The story of military housing tents encapsulates our unwavering dedication to the well-being and readiness of military personnel. In both peace and chaos, these tents stand as crucial elements of military infrastructure, blending seamlessly with the natural and often harsh environments where forces are deployed. Their evolution mirrors the changing demands of military life and the advancements in technology and design. Initially simple and functional, these shelters have transformed into sophisticated systems offering comfort, durability, and ease of assembly. This evolution reflects an ongoing commitment to improve living conditions, even in the most challenging situations. Materials have evolved to be more weather-resistant, designs more ergonomic, and assembly processes faster, all in response to the direct needs of soldiers on the ground. Thus, the development of army housing camping tents is a testament to the military's adaptability and focus on enhancing operational efficiency and soldier comfort, ensuring that our forces remain agile and well-supported in any corner of the globe.

Military Hangar

Military hangars allow for more efficient use of space while being shorter and more cost-effective to build. Generally, hangars occupy a large area and are costly. Both building materials and labor costs are a huge expense. The traditional fixed building construction application process is cumbersome and has a long construction period. A traditional large hangar requires a lot of time and The cost is huge. The hangar tent is designed with aluminum alloy and fabric materials, which is lighter and easier to transport. The clear span can be selected from 20M to 100M according to the site area, and there are no beams or columns blocking the interior. The size design of the hangar tent is flexible, the length can be extended infinitely, and the height can be customized according to the size of the aircraft, which can meet different internal space planning applications. It can effectively create a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly assembled mobile hangar for professional customers.

Temporary Facilities

In order to achieve better heat insulation and cold protection, military tents use fully blackout PVC-coated tarpaulins, which have excellent anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet, and flame retardant effects. It is equipped with different thermal insulation supporting facilities such as air film insulation tarpaulin, thermal insulation sandwich panel wall and so on. If the local climate environment is harsh, a professional air-conditioning system can also be installed inside, which has the effects of cooling, heating, and dehumidification, giving better indoor protection. Military tents can not only withstand Category 8-10 typhoons, but also have better sealing properties to help maintain a constant temperature indoors. Therefore, whether it is living facilities or marching and fighting, Military Housing that meets the temporary construction needs can ensure soldiers' rest and be in the best condition to meet new challenges. After the specific military mission is over, the Army Tent can be completely disassembled and replaced for use elsewhere.

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With a wealth of experience in the temporary structures industry, we possess a deep understanding of the various challenges and opportunities within this sector. Our research phase leverages this expertise to ensure that we are well-versed with the latest trends, technologies, and compliance requirements.

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Shelter Structures' army tents offer the benefits of flexibility, rapid deployment, and tailor-made customization, ensuring optimal support for military operations.

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The army tents provided by Shelter Structures offer the advantage of adaptability, serving short-term needs as temporary shelters for rapid deployment missions while also boasting the durability to withstand years of continuous use, ensuring long-term reliability for military operations.

Diverse Types With Reliability

Shelter Structures offers a diverse range of army tents, each designed with reliability as a top priority. From barracks to command centers, medical facilities to storage units, these tents provide dependable solutions tailored to various military needs, ensuring reliability in any operational environment.


Shelter Structures' army tents are renowned for their multifunctionality, serving as versatile solutions capable of adapting to a multitude of military requirements. Whether utilized as barracks, command centers, medical facilities, or storage units, these tents offer the flexibility and reliability needed to excel in diverse operational scenarios.

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Development Of Army Tents

The materials used in tents mainly consist of two parts, firstly the frame, and secondly the tarpaulin material. The tarpaulin not only affects the service life of the overall tent, but also affects the safety of the tent. Nowadays, most of the materials used in tents are PVC coated fabric and PU coated fabric. Fabrics of the same yarn number also have different breaking strength and tearing strength due to different linear densities.

From a structural point of view, most of the current emergency tents are plug-in structures, which are made of rods and through-pieces. During the process of erection and removal, a large number of personnel are required, and the number of personnel is greatly affected. The requirements are relatively strict. Semi-automated and integrated tent structures are a development trend. By using hydraulic connectors or ratchet connectors between the uprights and the inclined beams of the tent, and between the inclined beams and the inclined beams, only two or three people are needed to fix the tent body and the frame, and then start the hydraulic device connector or Expand the ratchet angle to achieve erection. At present, army tents have used frame folding structures and overall folding structures. Semi-automatic tents will be a development trend in the future.

Technological Integration

The advent of advanced monitoring and control infrastructures is on the horizon for hangar tents, with data analytics and automation spearheading the enhancement of maintenance and operational readiness.

Technological Integration


The trajectory for hangar tents is veering towards energy thriftiness and environmental congeniality. The incorporation of renewable energy conduits and sustainable materials is foreseen to diminish the environmental imprint of these structures.

Improved Mobility

The tide of innovation in tent design and materials is set to bolster the ease of mobility and setup, refining adaptability across varied scenarios, be it rapid responses to exigencies or military drills.

Improved Mobility


The customization of military hangar tents to resonate with specific military branch requisites is in the offing. These bespoke structures, envisaged with the distinct operational milieu and aircraft types in mind, will ensure each unit is endowed with hangars impeccably aligned with their unique operational mandates.

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