Innovation of Shelter’s Dome Tent

Shelter tent as a dedicated company in the field of tent enjoys high reputation, and with a history of over a decade, we’ve enriched out product range covering all shapes and sizes from gazebo tent to storage one, from sport structure to wedding fabric building and from cubic tent to dome tent.

Normal round tents by Shelter are all structured by steel because aluminum alloy was not strong enough for main profiles limited by technology, so that alloys have no ability to support the whole structure.

Structural Features of the Dome Tent

With the development of science and technology, progress on aluminum alloy has been made, so that we are able to apply this kind of material to dome tents. Due to its features of light and indeformable, the structure would be easy to be installed and removed, thus saving costs and human power.

Meanwhile, steel is easy to be rusted, if applied to the structure of tent for events, the entire structure would be wasted even if protected well. However, the aluminum alloy could be used for a long period of time without such kind of worries, and in addition, these main profiles could be torn into parts and be used again.

Shelter’s Fabrics

Covering materials for dome tents are PVC coated fabrics, which resists rain, flame and UV, to make the tent weather and danger proof, and generally speaking, we do not have much other choices better than fabric, but we can change the brightness inside by increase or decrease the percentage of transparent fabrics.

Services of Shelter

We have tent for events including all series, but dome tent as a special type, is always popular for such events as camping, family gathering, exhibition, fashion shows and mini music concerts. To satisfy our customers better, attachments and accessories for the dome tent are for your options, and we will give proper suggestions.

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