Renting the wedding tent without understanding in the advance could make your days messed.
Whether your days will be hold in a backyard, beach or resort, pitching a wedding tent is the perfect option to shelter your guests under any weather situation. You know, the weather doesn’t exactly go your way sometimes.
So if a tented wedding venue with twinkling light and garlands sounds ideal to you, read what needs to be prepared before your wedding day coming.

1. Decide the Tent Style.

You’ll probably want to set up the tent in an easy and rapid manner-not only will save the cost of labor, but it’ll also reduce the stress during your days. You know, there are many others need to do on your big day!

Tents are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you could choose the suitable one according to the guests’ number, venue size, and wedding style. Some styles like frame tent which have no interior poles (means no obstruction of table and dancing floor setups). You will have the maximum space and flexibility of interior decoration. But if you want to hold an intimate reception for your family and close friends, a small pole is probably perfect for you.

If your wedding tent will be installed wooden decks and concrete land, or any other surface where stakes and center poles cannot be used, freestanding frame tent will be more suitable. Also, frame tent could show better performance in windolad (max. to 120km/h) and weather resistance. You could rent a tent with transparent glass wall to keep an excellent view of your guests. Besides, you have to be aware of is the standard installation fees usually apply only to level ground or grass. If the tent needs to set up on an irregular surface, the fees will be higher.

2.Figure out Your Guest Number and Tent Size

To determine the number of square feet or square meters needed for your tent, you’ll need to figure our your guests first. A helpful equation is to multiply your number of guests by specific numbers based on what the setup will be inside your tent. The following size is measured in feet. For a sit-down or buffet-style dinner with round tables, multiply your number of guests by 12; for a sit-down or buffet-style dinner in banquet tables, multiply your number of guests by 10; for a cocktail party with some seating, multiply your number of guests by 8; for a ceremony with rows or cathedral seating, multiply your number of guests by 8.

Similarly, there’s an easy formula to decide on dance floor specifications. Divide your number of guests by 4 to find the number of couples you can expect to see dancing at any given time. Next, multiply that number by 10 for the total number of square feet you’ll want for your dance floor.

3. Read Your Vendor Contract

Once you find a tent you want, you’ll likely sign a rental agreement and pay a deposit to confirm your reservation. Read the details of your rental agreement carefully and know the cancellation fee, installation fee and dismantle fee. Also, make sure your vendor will offer the interior accessories or not, like tables, chairs, dancing floor. If not, you would find another event rental vendor for the facilities and decoration.

4. Visit the Site with Your Tent Vendor

It is necessary to make an appointment to visit the wedding site with your tent vendor. Your vendor could offer professional tent installation suggestions according to the site situation. Especially if you are planning to set up the tent on or near the beach. You won’t the seawater mess up the decoration and facilities under the tent, right? In addition, if your tent will be installed on a large grassy area, confirm with the location management that the sprinkler system won’t turn on the waterworks during your celebration.
Also, you need to consider about underground hazards like sprinkler systems, and wells. Make sure the safety of the structure and your guests.

5.Think about Tent Accessories

Tons of rental companies and tent vendors can offer tent accessories like sidewall, curtain, top lining, tablecloth, chandelier, garland, brand, table flower, balloon, ribbon and more. The options truly are endless.

6. Decide on Your Heating and Air-conditioning Situation

Whatsmore, heat and cool are important depending on the location and season of your wedding. You’ll rent the air-conditioner, misting fans, or outdoor heater from your tent vendor. Lots of vendors can provide this necessary equipment.

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