The Reason of Choosing Clear Span Tent

As the growing-up industry, temporary clear span structures have its own advantage compare with both permanent buildings and standard pole tent designs. And it has a special name called “Clear Span” because of its interior space without any obstruction. There are more useful and broader space to hold any events.

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No Pole Insides – Clear View of Interior Space
Different from traditional pole tent, clear span structures are supported entirely by their framework and the steel spikes securing their base plates to the ground, they have no poles or support columns obstructing the interior. For temporary music concert, the guests will have a wider view without any obstruction. For large warehouse building, the shelves arrangement and moving requirement like forklifts will be more flexible.

Modularity – Any Sizes and Shapes to Fix any Events
You can get unlimited design by clear span structures. Whether you want 3 meter (10’) to 60 meter (200’), you can select any frame to accommodate your events. The modular design makes it much easier to meet your need in sizes and shape. You can decrease or increase the tent’s length into 5m bays.

Fast Set-up in Any Surface and Removal
Like any other building structures, clear span tent is designed in transportable with all the parts fitting on standard trucks and trailers. In this case, you can get an easy construction for installing quickly. In addition, because of their modularity, you can place clear span tents most anywhere, from an uneven grass field to a paved parking lot or a rooftop.

Weather Protection – Withstand Heavy Rain and Wind
Weather is the important consideration in outdoor events. It’s hard to avoid the unpredictable weather conditions during your events. Clear span tents have a weather-resistant design and prevent the wind and the rain from ruining your event. The vinyl fabric covering these tents is sturdy and waterproof. The sides wall can be closed in the case of rain or wind, or plastic sidewalls can protect against worse weather conditions.

Numerous Option – Accessories / Sidewall
As its clear span design, you can flexibly arrange many accessories like desk, table, speech stage, dancing floor. Other features such as ceiling liners, glass walls and power distribution are also available when you select a clear span tent. For sidewall, simple PVC fabric (white or transparent), clear windows wall, ABS solid wall, sandwich panel can be set up in your real need.


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