Prefabricated Warehouse Tent will be the high ROI options

If you have any demand of temporary warehousing or semi-permanent storage, Shelter prefabricated buildings are built rapidly and more cost-effective than traditional brick buildings. No required on building foundation, the modular warehouse could be erected everywhere, even on mining and oil site. Whether for in-house rental, leasing or sale package, the prefabricated warehouse tent will be the most competitive product in the construction industry.

The client’s warehouse tent needed

Our client, the owner of a distribution center. He wants to expand the storage spaces for the promoted items during Black Friday sales.

At least 60,000sq ft storage space

Connected with existing building

Flexible for the forklift access

Good day-lighting

Semi-permanent building for further storage

Ventilation fan

Shelter’s solution

The shelter’s project manager and the technical team considered all the requested specifications outlined by our client. We designed two sets of warehouse tents with solid sidewall and gable. This clearspan structure could meet the semi-permanent building standard and offer large storage space without any interior pole. The modular tent installed quickly, had expansion capabilities and could flexible for all transport vehicle’s access.

1. Two sets of warehouse tent: 40 x 80m and 25 x 100m. Total 61354.3sq ft
2. Compared with PVC gable, solid gable will be more stable and durable during daily use.
3. 650kg/sqm PVC fabric could offer more sunlight during the daytime.
4. The customized eave height (5.6m) allows the tent to be perfectly connected to the existing building.
5. Ventilation-fan system
6. The custom rolling shutter doors designed for transport vehicles.

Client review

The package is very good as ever. We will install all the structure in half a month. And I will send you the photo when the installation finishes. Thanks for all.

I am really happy about the whole tent. The installation process is smooth.

sq. meter of structures

sq. meter of structures

days installation


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