Finding Unique Idea for Wedding Tent Decoration?

Dreaming of an outdoor wedding with luxury and unique decoration which can WOW your guests? I know this is one of the most important days in your life and you want to have an unforgettable memory. Before deciding the decoration of your outdoor wedding tent, you need to choose the tent roof first. Frame tent? Curved roof? “Heart” shape? Bellend structures? or geodesic dome? After choosing the tent type, now you can decide the wedding theme and start the decoration for your dream place.

10 Amazing Wedding Tent Decoration & Theme

Beach Tent
Setting the wedding tent on sand land? Using weight basket can fix the tent on sand land firmly. You may want to choose a tent in beach-side when you are going to have any open-air under the clear top tent. Your guests and you will have the most relaxed mood while enjoying the natural wind and sunlight.

amazing wedding tent -1
Romantic Tent
Most of us are obsessed with leafy garlands and flower. So when we come into this tent, we have attracted absolutely. Decorating by luxury lining, curtain, carpet, table cloth and creating the romantic wedding venue for yourself.

amazing wedding tent -2
Colorful Tents
Choosing a tent doesn’t mean you have to keep it in simply white. The colorful lining, light curtain, and tablecloth will provide a deluxe wedding venue.

amazing wedding tent -3
Lighting Effects
Some of the people will choose light to be the main decoration in the wedding tent. Just simply white top lining and light are super modern and warm. If you don’t want colorful lining, lighting will be the perfect alternative to it.

amazing wedding tent -4
The Western Tent
Inspired by mid-western and Mongolia, wedding tent with western style is also a good theme for you. All of the lining and curtain are full of religious and natural atmosphere.

amazing wedding tent -5
By the Pool
Holding outdoor wedding beside pool or lake is the amazing option. We can see all of the decoration like candles and flowers floating in the water.

amazing wedding tent -6
The Star-Friendly Tent
If you prefer your wedding tent is surrounded by the natural environment, we may suggest you set up an elegant see-through tent for your wedding. No only enjoy the starry night under the tent, but when we decorate it in small bulbs, the tent will shine by itself.

amazing wedding tent -7
The Glam Tent
The chandelier is one of the most popular options in wedding tent decoration. When you set up the luxury chandelier on the top, you tented wedding will be light, elegant and royal.

amazing wedding tent -8
Hanging Paper Lanterns
If you will hold your wedding during the daytime, hanging paper lanterns will make your tent roof without boring atmosphere.

amazing wedding tent -9

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